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Student's Basic Leadership Training

My Student's Basic Leadership Training Experience

Our beds in the barrack
The Student's Basic Leadership Training held at 22nd September 2017 in Pussenif, W.R. Supratman Street. It was a great experience. At the first day, we grouped into several classes. I grouped into class A. After that, we put our gears and equipments in the field. After that, we performed the ceremony in the field. Then, we went to the room near the field. We listened to what the soldiers taught there. They also taught us about some song that we would sang in the student basic leadership training. Next, we had a lunch together at the room. We were taught by the soldiers to ate in the correct manner. We also sang a song before we had our lunch. After that, we took our gears and equipments to the barrack. We grouped into several room in the barrack. We did our activities happily that day. At night, we listen to what the soldiers taught too and had a dinner together. We listened about some topics, such as leadership, insight into the archipelago, and defend the country topic.

We practiced in the field
The next day, we awakened by the soldiers. Then some of us must obeyed what the soldiers commanded that day because some of us were not wearing clothes as what the soldiers commanded. We also studied some lesson about how to perform the ceremony with a good manner. It was a really hectic day. In the night, we went to a place called "Makam Pahlawan". We did some activities there, such as Caraka Malam. Caraka Malam was the scariest activity in this training, because we had to go in the "Makam Pahlawan" and did some activities there. Then, we went back to Pussenif. It was a really tired day, but we had a lot of experience.
We did gymnastics in the

The last day, we practiced in the morning. Then, we played 7 games, such as throwing axe, climbing rope, and much more after the soldiers. Wow, it was a really exciting day, but I felt really tired that day. After that, we performed what we had practiced in the second day. Well, I felt very proud to perform what I had studied and practiced in Pussenif. We performed that in front of our parent
s, so it made me felt a bit nervous too, but it was really exciting. Then, all the activities for student's basic leadership training was over. We came to our parents and I saw that my mom was in the edge of the field too, so I came to her.

Lastly, I just wanna say thanks to all the soldiers that made us become a better student and thanks to all the seniors that sacrifice their time to set up this training in order to make us become a better student too.

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