Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

Holiday Plans

Things to Do in Next December Holiday

A : Hi Gian ! Nice to meet you.
G : Hey Aryo ! Nice to meet you too. How are you ?
A : I'm fine. Thank you. How about you ?
G : Yeah, I'm fine too. By the way, do you know any exciting holiday place in Indonesia ?
A : Why ?
G : Well, I just made a future plan about "what am I going to do in the next December Holiday". I
      decided to make a future plan that I wanted to go to some exciting holiday places in Indonesia.
A : Oww, I see. I know some exciting holiday places in Indonesia, such as Bali and Jogja.
G : What make you feel that Bali is an exciting holiday place.
A : They have some interesting attraction like Ubud and Kuta Beach in Bali. Bali is an interesting
      place because you can see many beautiful view spots there.
G : And how about Jogja ? Do you think that there is some exciting things to do there ?
A : Of course. You can do shopping in Malioboro Street. There are so many unique souvenirs too
G : Can I see some beautiful view spots there ?
A : Ow yes. You can visit Borobudur Temple and see some beautiful view spots there.
G : Great ! Thank you for your attention. Now, I know where am I going to go in the next December.
      As you know that there is two weeks holiday in the next December.
A : Your welcome.

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