Senin, 31 Juli 2017

About Me

All about Me

Hello ! My name is Gian Gideon. I live in Cibeureum, South Cimahi. I study at SMAN 3 Bandung. I'm still 15th years old. I was born in Bandung, 3rd of March, 2002.

My hobbies are playing football and playing computer. I really hate reading books, but I really like sport. My favourite sport is football. Well, my favourite football club is Chelsea F.C. "Blue is the colour and football is the game."

I have one brother. My brother name is Fanri. He studies at STAN University in Jakarta. He really likes football too. We both are Chelsea F.C. fans. When I was a kid, I used to play football together with my brother. That's really exciting !

My favourite subjects in my school are Physics, Computer, and Sports. I'm an active person. I can't sit on a chair for a long time. My favourite foods are noodles and fried rice that my mother cooks. I don't know why, but it's really delicious !

I have a funny experience when i was a kid. At that day, me and my family visited my neighbour's home. I was playing together with my brother at the garden. We threw rocks to a wall. My brother only threw pebble to the wall, but I threw bricks to the wall. I felt that it was really boring so I decided to throw a brick to the sky. I was really interested to see the brick flew above my head. But I was still a kid so I didn't know that the brick would came back to my head after it flew. The brick hit my head. Owh, it was really hurt. My head was bleeding. My brother shocked after he saw my head was bleeding. He brought me to our parents. My parents brought me to a nearest hospital at that place. I was operated at that hospital. Well, I think that is the most absurd experience that i've ever had.

Well, that's all from me, thanks for reading my first post.

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